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Let’s talk about aphrodisiacs…

February is the time of the year when many of you celebrate love, so I am sure you will be interested in today’s topic: natural aphrodisiacs!

Aphrodisiac comes from the Greek root aphro, coming from Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love), and it qualifies a substance that increases sexual desire. Different types of food are meant to have aphrodisiac properties, namely chocolate, oyster, almonds, celery and asparagus… However, medicinal plants can have a much stronger effects. The most popular aphrodisiac herbs are all roots: ginger( probably the easiest to find, depending on where you live), Chinese ginseng, and Galanga (also known as Galangal).

Galanga is a spice that is frequently used in South Asia, but it is also present in North African culture ( I bought mine from Morocco, as part of a mix of spices used for teas and infusions). If has several interesting properties :