Gardening – March : what to sow

What to sow in March?

March has to be one of the most exciting times in the year for gardening in the UK: after the cold winter months the weather gets warmer, daffodils and freesias flourish, and the soil heats up, ready for sowing. It’s time to go in the garden again !

Gorgeous Kew gardens in March
Gorgeous Kew gardens in March
Carrot seeds

There is a whole lot of vegetables that you can sow in March : tomatoes in particular are great if you have enough sun, raddish is fast and easy, beetroot, onions, lettuce… Today we planted carrots, and a peony root. Carrots can be planted in pots or in the ground; we used a large square pot. Put a thick layer of soil, filling 2/3 of the pot, press down. Make holes in the soil with your finger, leaving space between each, add the seeds, and cover with soil. Carrots grow relatively fast: after 1 or 2 weeks seedlings appear, and they are ready to pull out after 10 weeks in average. I will let you know how our carrots grow!

Peony roots are generally planted in the autumn, but if you missed that window (as I did), imagesyou can plant at the beginning of spring. I love peonies and they are hardy plants, so perfect for someone like me who is not a great gardener. Plus they provide colour to a dull garden. Peony roots are oddly shaped; my daughter was fascinated by it. When you plant, make sure to put the ‘eye’ level with the soil. We planted it in a pot; make sure it has good drainage ( use stones at the bottom if needed) and add some compost to the soil as they require a rich soil. Place in full sun if possible, but peonies only require little watering.

IMG_7048That’s it for today!