Moroccan preserved lemon

I love preserved lemon, they are really a staple in my kitchen. They are wonderfully versatile: they can be used in tajines, in cakes, in seafood dishes, in risotto or in Asian dishes. They can also be complement salads, aromatise plain water…Possibilities are endless, and the good news is, they are super easy to make. Lemon, water, salt, a jar, and you are pretty much done. I am quite interested in preserved food, and while I am not a big fan of pickled cucumbers and kimchi, I find it very easy to incorporate preserved lemons into tasty dishes.

So here is how I make them. You will need:

  • a clean jar with an airtight lid
  • 5 to 8 lemons, depending on their size and size of jar
  • salt (preferably coarse sea salt)
  • coriander/ mint (optional)

Clean the lemons and make 4 deep cuts in each as if you we cutting them in quarters but without cutting off completely. Collect any juice.

Then, fill each cut with salt. Put the lemons in the jar, squeezing them in to fit as many as possible. I think I managed to get 6 large lemons in my jar.

Fill the jar with water to the top, leaving space for the lid. Now, you can add a few leaves of mint or coriander, or even cloves and anis seeds, whatever you fancy.

Finally, close the jar making sure it is airtight, and leave to rest for 2-3 weeks until your lemons are ready to use.

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Two super quick and cheap tips to treat your hair!

I collected two beauty tips from my gorgeous sister in law who has the most shiny, healthy looking hair and doesn’t look anything close to her real age.

First, a hair mask using olive oil. I have written at length about the health and cosmetic benefits of olive oil, but she gave me a recipe also using garlic. Now I know this sound unusual, but garlic actually has many cleansing and antibiotic qualities and is very efficient as a treatment against acne and fungal infections. Basically she crushes a whole bulb of garlic in a mortar, and then leaves it decant with about 200mL of olive oil for a few weeks, the longer the better. She then removes the garlic: the oil has been infused with its essence and she thus gets a bottle of hair oil that she can use for months. To use, she simply applies on dry hair, warming the oil in her hands first, and leaves for 3-4h before washing off.
Image                                            Garlic bulbs: full of health benefits

The second tip is very useful for those who have oily hair or dandruffs: lemon is the most natural remedy. Its acidity works as an astringent and purifies the scalp, and it is extremely simple to use: massage a good few drops of lemon juice on your scalp, or better, use half a lemon straight on the head. Then rinse off, and voilà! Lemon juice is also used to whiten the teeth, applied with a cotton stick, but this shoudln’t be done more often than weekly because it can weaken the teeth’s enamel.