About Green Amaana

In Arabic, Amaana means trust or moral responsibility. It can be something that we have been entrusted with, something that we are responsible for. Your body is an amaana, your children are an amaana, and most importantly, the Earth is our amaana. At Green Amaana, we try to promote a greener, more holistic lifestyle, healthier for us, for our bodies, for our souls, for our children, and for our environment. 

I am a student herbalist and I have a passion for plants, to be used at home as medicine or to improve our health. I love gardening too, although I am not great at it, and I love eating things we have grown. I am the mother of four children who keep me on my toes. In another world, I am a researcher focusing on North Africa, so I am generally very interested in health practices from different cultures.

Stay tuned if you are looking for tips and recipes to make your own remedies and cosmetics, and generally lead a more environment-friendly lifestyle.


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