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Easy gentle almond milk soap


I have been wanting to try a milky soap for ages, and this recipe sounded just perfect. I used almond milk, almond oil and shea butter to make an extra rich, extra gentle soap for sensitive skins. I added a few drops of essential oil but the scent is barely noticeable, and it’s of course optional for children or very sensitive skins. It is a very simple recipe and didn’t take me more than 45 mins to make. I used a little plastic mold that I bought online, so I ended up with 9 tiny little soaps that are perfect for gifts, guests’ bathrooms or wedding favours.

Here is the recipe I used, using the Sage website to calculate the amount of lye needed.

Ingredients needed (for 9 little bars):

  • 200g  Shea Butter
  • 150mL Almond oil
  • 100 mL Almond milk
  • 44 g Sodium Hydroxide

essential oils (optional)

I buy organic ingredients whenever possible and make soaps from my family and friends. I like making sure I don’t put toxic chemical stuff on my skin, or worse my children’s! Even popular soaps like Dove are packed with chemicals, detergents and perfumes that are too acidic for the skin and are bad for the environment.

Start by making the lye solution combining the sodium and the milk, wearing gloves and glasses as it can be dangerous. Always put the sodium into the liquid (milk in our case), never the over way around. I use a think glass container for this and it gets very hot. Set aside and leave to cool.

Then, combine the oil and the shea butter and heat gently in a bain-marie until the butter has completely melted. Take off from the fire and leave to cool at room temperature.


Once both liquids have cooled, combine them and keep stirring until the mixture ‘traces’. Tracing means that it is thick enough to support marks for a few minutes. I often use a hand mixer at this stage, as it can take about 15- 20minutes to get to this stage. The mix should the same consistency as a homemade custard, thick and yellow.


At this stage, I added about 20 drops of lavender essential oil, but it is optional. Do not use if the soap if for a young child.

Then, pour into your mold: you could use silicon molds, glass pots or a cake mold, be creative! Here is mine, it is a square mold that I bought online to make 9 little soaps.


Leave to set for a couple of days until the soap has hardened. Then, remove from the mold and cut into the desired shapes.

Leave in a airy place to cure: this takes 4 to 6 weeks and you should use the soap before that as it will be too aggressive for the skin.

TA-DA! Wrap in a pretty piece of soap paper and there are ready to go!



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