Make your own nappy cream!

Salam all,  I have not posted for a long time…I have been busy looking after my new little one mashallah. I want to share a brilliant recipe with you, one that will be useful to all mummies struggling with nappy rash. In France, we have this great natural cream called Liniment, which completely free from chemical nasties. You can apply it on baby’s skin at every nappy change, to prevent and cure rashes, instead of other creams such as Sudocrem or Johnson’s nappy cream.


Liniment is composed mainly of olive oil and it is surprisingly easy to make at home, with simple ingredients. I haven’t tested this recipe yet as I still have a store-bought bottle with mother brought me, but I’m looking forward to making my own. Here is how :

– 100mL of Olive oil (Organic if possible). You can also use half olive oil and half coconut oil. It’s best to avoid using almond or other ‘nut’ oil on babies because of allergy risks.

– 100mL of limewater (calcium hydroxide solution)

– 4g of bees’ wax, an emulsifier, to ensure the cream is smooth and has a good consistency. You can actually do without it, although you will need to shake the bottle before each use as the cream will not bind as well.



Simply mix the olive oil  and the wax and heat in a bain-marie on low fire, until the wax has melted. Then, remove from the fire and slowly add the limewater, while mixing briskly with a clean whisk. Finally, pour into a sterilised bottle or pot. This should last for about 2 weeks, although you can add a natural preservative such as grapefruit seed oil to keep it a bit longer.

Liniment is very simple to make, and it has a variety of uses: massage oil for baby, moisturising cream, or make-up remover. It is also supposed to be good for eczema. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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