Alum stone – natural antiperspirant and aftershave

One of the products I was surprised to find widely available in the Moroccan souq (marketplace) is the Alum stone or chebba, which is know in Europe for its many benefits and is often recommended as an antiperspirant. It is actually a mineral derived from aluminium, but unlike the aluminium contained in standard deodorants, which can be toxic, it doesn’t penetrate the skin.

Alum stones from Morocco and alum stick

Many products such as aftershaves are derived from it as it is a blood coagulant and it soothes the skin. In Morocco, I found it in its natural form, as a stone, and it is also sold as a powder. I bought both as I thought I could try to use the powder to try out so new recipes. The stone used as antiperspirant lasts for ever, literally for years! It needs to be applied on wet skin, so it’s perfect after a shower in the morning, and it has absolutely no smell whatsoever. I also bought a deodorant shaped stone in a pharmacy in France, which is very useful.

I have seen also women applying the stone to their skin before applying foundation: this is particularly useful for oily skin and is meant to unify and matify it. There is all sorts of recipe involving alum stone powder, such as scrubs. I will update this post once I have tried them out!

Maa Salama

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