A breakfast recipe – The Budwig Cream

How many of us have decided to try to eat more healthily for the new year? This recipe is for you. I came accross it a few weeks ago while doing research, and as I’m getting tired of cereals, porridge or toasts for breakfast, I decided to give it a go. The Budwig Cream was designed by Dr Kousmine, a Swiss nutritionist, and is said to help with a variety of digestion issues and malnutrition, as well as cancer and sceloris. The key ingredient is flaxseed (or linseed) oil, which contains essential nutritients such as linoleic acid. Here is the recipe, for 1 person:

Combine 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil (organic and coldpressed)  with 4 teaspoons of low-fat plain yoghurt (or cottage cheese), and mix well together until creamy. It is important that the oil has been completely absorbed. If you can’t have dairy, replace by soja yoghurt, tofu or almond milk.

Add the juice of half a lemon, including the pulp.

Add a mashed banana, or 1 teaspoon of honey, to sweeten.

Grind together 1 to 2 teaspoons of nuts or seeds (pumpkin, sesame or flaw seeds; walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts…anything except peanuts), and 2 teaspoons of raw cereals (oats, quinoa, barley…not wheat) then add to the cream and mix well.

A fresh cup of Budwig Cream
A fresh cup of Budwig Cream

You can then add seasonal fruits to taste; avoid acidic fruits such as orange or pineapple. Enjoy! The great thing with this recipe is that although it is super healthy and packed with vitamins and essential fatty acid, it actually tastes delicious, because flaxseed oil has a very light, nutty flavour, and you can use different nuts, cereals and fruits to vary every day.

Dr Kousmine insists on the seeds and cereals being freshly grinded to retain their health benefits. She also asks for organic ingredients as much as possible, and the oil definitely has to be cold pressed. The cream of Budwig gives you loads of energy to last the whole morning, so you don’t need to have anything else with it. Besides, Dr Kousmine generally recommands to avoid refined oils or butter, and to limit sugar and wheat. All the ingredients in this recipe are raw and vegetarian, and chosen to bring a maximum of vitamins and essential nutritients. Here’s to a good start of the year!


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