Avoiding GMOs – an essential read

Salaam All,

I know this is a controversial issue and that some people still believe that GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are safe to eat, but personally I think the evidence is compelling. Here is the link to a good documentary about Monsanto, one of the main producers of GMOs, “The world according to Monsanto“. I didn’t pay particular attention to GMOs until I had my daughter, and wanting her to eat healthily, I started looking at ingredients in baby foods, and generally what we eat at home. I tend to cook from scratch, but I have been disgusted to realise how much GMOs, chemicals, sugar and salt…is added to everyday product such as bread or yoghurts, even in products aimed at children. In the UK unfortunately, there is no clear labelling of GMOs, which make it hard to figure out what we are actually eating. I recently went to Denmark where organic fruits and veg are widely available, and I was shocked that their bright red tomatoes actually tasted and smelled of tomatoes. That sounds crazy right? But the tomatoes in London’s supermarkets don’t have any smell, and their taste is watery and diluted…

Engineered tomatoes
Engineered tomatoes

As much as possible I try to buy organic, especially for my daughter, even if it is sometimes double the price. You might think it doesn’t make any difference to your health, but in the long term GMOs are very toxic and have been associated with cancers, infertility, allergies… In an any case, I believe that nature was perfectly created by God and that there is no need to modify produce that is healthy and delicious, or to introduce genetical modifications. Yes, not using pesticide or GMOs means that a small percentage of crops will be lost, but I believe this is natural selection, so that only the best fruits and veg reach us. It is my choice not to buy Genetically modified products when possible, because there are no long term studies proving that they are safe and because on the contrary several studies have shown the negative impact they have on the body and the immune system. Unfortunately, GMOs are now so widespread that it is difficult to avoid them.

GMOs are most often modified to be more resistant to herbicides, or even to make their own insecticide, which obviously makes them toxic to comsumption. Here is a list of the most commonly modified products:

-Canola oil, which is derived from non edible rapeseed oil

-Corn, which is often listed as ‘maiza’ and is basically used in most products you find in supermarkets

-Soy, also very common and used for a variety of purposes

-Rice, which supposedly has been modified to add Vitamin A but causes many health issues such as allergies and diarrhea

-Dairy products: the issue here is that animals are fed with modified crops which then passes on to the milk, plus they are injected with growth hormones, hence the importance of buying organic milk, eggs, yoghurts…

-Cotton, modified to create Bt toxin, and used to make cottonseed oil. It is commonly found in margarine or vegetable oils.

-Aspartame: Now aspartame, used as sweetener in all kinds of ‘diet’ products, is dangerous for a whole lot of reasons, and it is very addictive. Please avoid!!

I will also compile a list of companies that use GMO, please don’t hesitate to comment if you have anything to add !


-Quaker’s oats

-Coca cola




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