Salam Alaykoum world!

…and Welcome to Amaana Living! The aim of this blog is to promote Islamic lifestyles, economies, and cultures. It starts with a simple question: Why are there so few Muslim brands? Why do we drink Coca Cola rather than Mecca Cola? Why do we prefer McDonalds and KFC to Muslim-owned and HMC-certified Chicken Cottage? Why do we go to Starbucks rather than local, halal cafés? My aim is to promote a halal economy, with halal businesses and products, and working within an Islamic financial system. Muslim represent one of the biggest markets in the world; it is time that we start supporting each other and buy from brands that promote our values: encouraging goodness, caring about the environment, buying local and organic, respecting human rights, rejecting speculation and excessive capitalism. Our planet, our ummah, our bodies, but also our children are amanaat from God: they are placed in our trust to be protected,and it is our duty to look after them.

Inshallah, God willing, I will post regularly about a selection of Muslim brands and products and ideas about how to use them: recipes, beauty tips… Muslim communities also hold a large cultural and artistic heritage which we should be proud of: I am passionate about Islamic calligraphy, mosaics and architecture. Finally, our aim in this world is to worship God only and to live in harmony with His rules and His creations. This is at the core of Amaana Living’s mission.

If you would like to write a guest-posts, or have themes which you would like me to address, do not hesistate to contact me inshallah.

Wa Salam

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